Alan T. Fitch

My personal diary
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2021-02-09 14:57:53 (UTC)

Good afternoon.

Hello, once again, and good afternoon.

Earlier on I took a nap, just like my Mum did. Mark was having a bath at the time. All of a sudden, just as I was dozing off, someone knocked at the door. A kid was there, in which I thought it was the woman who lost her cat. The kid looked about twelve or thirteen. He asked if we wanted him to shovel our driveway or out salt on the ice. We said 'no' (or Mum did), but I thought that was very heartful of him to ask us that. Mum said he would have wanted us to pay, like everyone. But I don't think he seemed that kind of person; I think he would've done it for free, but I will never know.
Since that, I decided to stay awake.

After Mark had his bath, the boiler sprung a major leak. Or apparently it did. He phoned someone up to come and have a look at it, and they should be here sometime today. While Mark was having his bath, I quickly put some sugar and coffee in my coffee mug, and when the leak sprung I thought I wouldn't be able to put any hot water in it. I considered putting cold water in it, but I did that before (deliberatly for near-enough the same reason) and I felt sick for a little while afterwards. I only found out that I could get hot water when I asked Mark if I could use the toilet, because I was thinking about the leak. He said 'yes', and I then said 'I won't use the taps because of the leak.' He said 'no, you will use the taps, it doesn't affect the water.' So that is how I found out that I could still use the taps, and the hot water to make my coffee.

I also found out that if you hot tap water to make a hot drink, putting it in in small quantities and stirring in between makes the drink hotter than putting the hot tap water all in at once.

My entry ends here.