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Best Andrea Lugo Moments In Shoutout:

Season 1:
May 22, 2017:
Clip: Andrea entering the stage:

May 25, 2017:

May 26, 2017:

June 1, 2017:

June 2, 2017:

June 8, 2017:

June 9, 2017:
July 6, 2017:
July 7, 2017:
August 10, 2017:
August 18, 2017:
September 14, 2017:
Clip: Absent Accident Page:
Evan: Who's absent of Otay Ranch High School in 6th period page for the semester 1 in Math Class 11th grade thru 12th grade? Someone got the wrong absent page? Who's fault was it?
(Katerina raises her hand, and she starts laughing)
Chassi M: I think it was Katerina.
(all friends thurs teammates: Oo!)
Andrea: Katerina did this!
Chassi M: Who's fault was it?
Andrea: It was Katerina.
Rolando: Ms Morales put me absent, and I am here! Sorry Katerina.
Katerina: That's okay no worries Rolando!

August 3, 2018:
August 9, 2018:
Clip: Romeo and Juliet: (Andrea and Rique)
Evan: 45 seconds.
Andrea L: Umm A romance?
Rique: Yes.
Andrea L: Romeo and Juliet?
Rique: Yes!
(audience cheering)
Big Brother Season 1:

Season 2:
May 16, 2019:
May 23, 2019:
Clip: Andrea hugs Rolando, after Maris got jealous:

Quarantine Shoutout:

No Audience Shoutout:

Big Brother Season 2:

Season 3:

Big Brother Season 3:

Season 4:

Big Brother Season 4:


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