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2021-02-09 08:16:54 (UTC)


Blank thoughts
Silent calls
Stare straight through
These blank walls

Lost in a void
Black hole maze
Trapped myself
In an invisible cage

No way out
No way in
Flames burnt out
No way to win

Invisible space
Nothing to say
Sun faded
And left me gray

So, mr original, Cobain has been blocked. I don’t believe he can message me anymore. For future reference, I’m not a cunt, not a bitch, well, bitch as in Babe In Total Control of Herself.....ok, maybe....but in the term he was referring, I’m not. Be respectful, or just keep ya mouth shut or harass someone else.
Blake, hope the info helped and works for you as well. Need more help, lemme know.

Till later.....
I’m off here 😘

(Update......806am, something has come up, heading to the hospital after I get my kid up....I will update later when I’m home and up for it)