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2021-02-09 07:35:48 (UTC)


Got the call, another 2 hour delay for school again.

Made my coffee.
I’m tired.
I’m fighting urges.
But, ima be ok.

A bit on the irritated side.
Nothing I wanna discuss. Not in so many words. It would do no good and pointless.

Ever feel great with someone, but feel like you’re cramping their lifestyle?

Ain’t the first time, recon it won’t be the last.

Checking the weather channel to see why a late start.... -22 that’s why. Wonder if my truck will start today. I need to run to the bank, grab a heat to pop in it but shoulda popped one in yesterday. Duh. Oh well.

Going to call and see if Sam is working this week and figure out if I can split my bleaching between 2 credit cards and get my boy his haircut as well. It’s been since August, so he’s due.

Next weekend I will be staying home, snow in the forecast. He can go hang with his b’s and h’s......just a slang, nothing personal. I have a group I used to hang with back in the day where we used the slang. But I’m pretty antisocial now.

Um, not much on the agenda for today. Going to go through some old containers box em up and put the good lock n lock ones out. Should order another set.....eventually.

I’d seriously like to get my check, I’d go and pay another month of rent, get my nails done and grab my tattoo I drew over the summer that I wanna get. Think ima put it on my back under the one I have.

I will work on the paperwork today, get that finished. Call both parties let em know it’s completed. Call and set up an appointment with Dr. R about a full scan, and then call a friend of mine to touch base a bit.

Will cook some salmon for lunch, cut the rest down to decent portions and freeze them.
Next week, will try to get to Festival again and grab another one so I have it to eat daily. Monday order a few things for Sheldon and grasshopper, the chocolate popcorn, sea salt Gatorade, etc. order my coffee and creamers. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

But, with the temperature going to be below freezing again this weekend, recon I should dress/pack accordingly. Won’t be packing as much this time round. If I can get my hair done before then, won’t have to worry so much on how it looks. Will just color it myself once it’s bleached....like I always do.

But, I’m getting up, going to grab some warm clothes from the dryer, and get some tunes playin....check my messages from a few places, and may or may not pop back in.

Happy Tuesday, (almost said Monday 🤣)