Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-02-09 10:10:07 (UTC)

Morning! (again)

Good morning, again.

I had my breakfast, which was dry cereal. I had Malted Wheaties, as I am not a fond of dry cornflakes. Very bland, and at least dry Malted Wheaties have a sort of flavour to it.
My parents got up just as I was saying 'goodbye' to everyone. Mum had called me twice when I came off the meeting.

Mum and Mark's new bed has arrived. They are currently bringing it upstairs now.

A woman asked us if we saw her lost ginger-white cat named Max. We said no, but Mum said she thinks she saw it down the alleyway right opposite our house. We all also said that if we saw it we would return it to her. She said that the cat has been lost since yesterday.
I saw her go down the alleyway when the van left just now.

My entry ends here.