This Is It - 2021
2021-02-08 00:00:00 (UTC)

Productivity BLOCKT


I'm rather proud of myself for all the work I got done today. Got myself and all of my dogs clean and threw all of their blankets and pillowcases in the washer/dryer. Dealing with fleas is turning out to be more difficult than originally anticipated. This is like lice all over again. Except the dogs can't comb their own hair and hate you if you bathe them. Hoping washing everything down and going through with a vacuum tomorrow will do some damage to those annoying pests' reign.

Also turns out my school's homecoming page blocked me at some point yesterday or today. :'( Heartbroken. I've been banned from Dave and Busters (for those seeing that with no context, it's a meme, I've not been banned from an arcade). All I did was leave one (1) comment saying hosting a giant event where students push each other into water isn't a smart idea during a pandemic and they hit me with the ban hammer. Really glad to see my university is taking this issue seriously and addressing potential student concerns! /s

Well, either the overall school page acknowledges what I put on my story or I go to tweeting the school like it's 2016 and my airline flight was less-than-stellar

But hey, at least I was productive and not planning a giant water-based event in COVID

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