This Is It - 2021
2021-02-07 00:00:00 (UTC)

No Rest on Rest Day


Isn't Sunday meant to be the day of rest? I think perhaps school needs a reminder of that - what with the five textbook chapters and reading quizzes, one discussion board, and one exam I had due today. Doesn't sound like a lot written out, I think, but it did take several hours. One of the biggest changes from prior schooling I've had to get used to in college is that most of my schoolwork is due over the weekend, rather than on weekdays. I think it's so you have any time throughout the week to work on it, but of course I just do it all at once on the day it's due. ...Might be part of the reason I have so much trouble with late work...

Oh well. I've only got a year and a half left in schooling out of seventeen, not like I'm going to completely uphaul my habits now. Though I am trying to plan my time out better to be a bit more productive towards what I want to do (primarily social media stuff).

Also, I heard there were superb owls today or something? Some really big soup bowls?? Might've been something extra to go along with the Kitten Bowl, I don't know... (Honestly though, I don't care about football and I think having a giant football game/celebration during a pandemic was maybe not the smartest thing to do)

Maybe Sunday NIGHT can be for rest (y'know, after midnight)