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2021-02-08 22:08:19 (UTC)


It’s 832pm
Was going to cook some salmon, However, my heads killing me. It’s pounding.
Sheldon made pizza and said he wasn’t going to share.
So, just put some bread in the oven for a few minutes to warm up and will munch on that.
Sadly, I’m tired.
Guarantee I’m not going to get the excellent sleep score of 91 again tonight like last night. Last night was the best sleep score I’ve gotten in almost 6 months, when I bought my own Fitbit. Something someone promised to get me after my heart attack and I ended up getting it myself because it wasn’t going to happen.
So, back to already having issues.
The garage light came on, so I started freaking out wondering who is snooping around. The typical bullshit.
My sweetie called. We are chatting about cucumbers.....lol......yeah yeah, I had once a upon a time.......long time ago.
My heads killing me.
Ended up eating my toast.
It’s cold here.
I’m bundled up and still freezing.
Really do miss how things were this weekend.
Best sleep.
Nice and warm.
No worrying who’s here stalking me.

*deep sigh*

Just crawled under 8 blankets. Hope to warm up.
I’m tired. Can’t seem to ease the headache. Hope I don’t have a concussion. I seem to get one every winter. Sadly.

Grasshopper has an hour or so till work. Might just lay down a bit