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2021-02-08 20:59:56 (UTC)

Star Dust

The mask that hangs upon my face
Is slowly slipping out of place
The emotions that are faked
It all started with my parent's mistakes
When I was a child, I was given little to love
So I ended up becoming cold and tough
As I grew a little more I met someone that taught me what was love
I loved them so dear
But in their eyes it wasn't clear
I quelled up the courage to tell them so
Then they tell me instead that they found someone so dear
I went back home with tears
I still believe in a little hope
It's my little way to cope
I know that I'm just lying to myself
I feel like I'm tied to an invisible rope

Let's just hope that I don't end up choking on my own rhythm and pace

I just want to become star dust and float up into space