Being Sam
2021-02-08 22:50:20 (UTC)

My favourite people

Dean is working nights so it's just been me and the girls in the new house. Still without TV and Internet so we've actually been doing more things together. We played Game of Life and did some colouring and played in the snow (which is back) a little too. Last night we somehow ended up jumping around the kitchen singing as loud as we could for about an hour. The fact my six year old can sing all of the words to Truth Hurts by Lizzo, can join the chorus of Zombie by the Cranberries and quote me Luke Combs lyrics too - it honestly makes me happy. What an absolute little legend that little human is. And I made her!
Izzy isn't as into music and dancing as Beth so she likes to be the cool 9 year old who rolls their eyes but she can't help but get sucked in eventually. I have to suffer through George Ezra to get her out of her shell a little but then she's miming the words to Wasabi before I know it. I love them. I love their awesome little personalities and how they're so different and yet the same too. I love how they're a little like Dean and a little like me but also completely themselves.
I LOVE singing and dancing with them in the kitchen and being silly and I really hope it's something we do often. I hope when they're teenagers they won't think they're too cool to do the dance routine to Wingfield, Saturday Night with their mum.
Its the kinds of things I wish I'd done with my mum. I wish we'd been closer and I'd felt more at ease with her. It's something I'm really trying for with my girls.

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