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2021-02-08 17:35:36 (UTC)

Ice Rink

Had my appointment. Ended up bursting into tears. Talked about childhood trauma. Something I don’t like talking about.
Was upset. Crying.
Went outside to move the truck away from the house to the garage area, was on my way back to the house and didn’t see the ice patch and down I went.
One hell of a fucking headache. Feel like my heads going to explode. Almost puked from the instant pain.
Feel so stupid.
When am I going to learn to walk on this shit? Not like I just moved here. I been here 7 years. Feel like a dumbass.

*deep breath*

Between the fall and my appointment, I feel like shit. I absolutely hate crying. I try so hard to not cry. Wish I was stronger.

I hope grasshopper is sleeping. I’m guessing if he isn’t, he’s probably in POF.
I don’t want to call just in case he is sleeping. He does have to work tonight.

I’m emotionally drained. And to think I have Togo through this all over again on Wednesday. And I think there’s another day this week but I can’t currently think on it.

I should invest in one of those Alexa things grasshopper has. If she can keep up with my appointments and remind me that would be just groovy.

I’m going to switch laundry over, figure out what I’m going to munch on, more than likely some vegetables....fix the kid something if we got it and grab a hot shower.

*deep sigh*

Miss my grasshopper. 🤣😂 just looking at that face, that beautiful smile, listening to that soothing voice, the spunky singing, feeling those nice sensual arms wrapped around me, looking into those beautiful eyes......geee.....hope I’ve not gone all coocoo here 🤣😂I’d like to think I’m important in his world.

Maybe it’s the bump on my head from slamming it on the ice 🤣😂

Anyway, going to shower,laundry, food, and roll from there.