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2021-02-08 14:45:32 (UTC)

Home again

Just getting in. Was a tough drive home.
Sheldon and I talked so I could stay awake.
Stopped, fueled up, grabbed him a drink, then grabbed my prescription that I forgot to do over the weekend.
Felt odd walking in here.
Cats were all missing. Took awhile to find them. They were all hiding for some reason.
They had drank all the water and just about all the food.
Still have to unpack and do laundry but have an appointment at 3pm that I don’t wanna do.

Heart kinda sinks.
Wish I lived closer.

Hope grasshopper enjoyed the weekend.

I get confused sometimes to how he really feels. It’s just me.

My babies are so happy to see us home.
They are getting their belly rubs in.

I have laundry to do, and my appointment starts soon.
Till later.....