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2021-02-08 11:12:26 (UTC)

50 shades of desire (explicit)

Mm... taste my silken pleasure from the second past sunrise
Kiss my lips as you spread my thighs
Ease into the tightness of my sweeten abyss
Stirring your passion of lust as you sink deeper inside my creamy gift
Touch me all over as your body hovers
You got me breathless for you to complete me under these satin covers

Mm...Taste Me

Oh, yes my love, now flip me over as I slide down your girth to appease
Palm my breasts and lick around the nipple as my sugar walls covet your harden need
Pulling my face downward kissing my soft lips
Oiling your manhood with the seesawing of my slit
Oh yes, right there
Lifting me off you, your tongue swirling through my hair
Oh sweet mercy... head downward licking over a breast
Head thrown back in a state of Nirvana as you make my cunt even wet
Yes... oh yes... your tongue is making my pussy melt
Settling me on your face, my pussy gyrating all over your nostrils, inhaling my taste
Your fingers invading my asshole, your mouth hungrily coveting my trickling space
Basking in my abyss …marking your turf
Oh baby... you’re more than your worth
Palming my back
Your tongue ringing side to side, licking my cove like I'm a midnight snack
Oh… my love oh baby…. here… here… I cum
Hungrily sapping up my honey butter rum
My juices running down your chin
In the throne of making the eleventh sin
Then again
Passion and rapture has no beginning or end
My climax coating inside your mouth, savoring me as it blends
V-shaping my clit…raising off you
My silk sheets, my rules
Holding your throbbing erection, sliding up and down, you thrusting in and out my raining dew

You loving all up in this taste …. Savor Me

Mm.. sorry there's no cure for this, once swimming deep, waiting to pop off your load
Once your girth anchors deeper inside my the creaminess of my cove
I am the medicine you cum for
As my honey trickles inside your mouth leaving you famished and begging for more
You loving this sugar, I'm craving your spice
My mouth you overtake my pussy you shall make cum in twice
Handcuffs, anal oils, horse collar
Under your sexual dominance you making me holler
Lubrication seeping, hammering my pussy walls marinating, sweat reeking
Grunting in mid-stride, losing my breath as my pussy and your dick collide
Mattress palmed
Legs wrapped around your back, coveting the elongation of your hard bone
Silken walls caving within my Garden of Eve
Back arched, my tight pussy milking need
Oh yes papi twisting the hard dick like you got the master key
Retracting your girth to the tip, leaning downward for a quick kiss
Circling it around the inner pinkish soft fold of my clit
Mm...you are throbbing, tightening my pussy, your pre-cum I'm robbing
Hoisting my ass in the air
Parting me, thrusting harder without mercy or a care
Oh yes... you like that tight fit
Mm... my hand dropping, gently squeezing his balls, loving to please him every single bit
Oh.. yes.. mm.. his pearly flow fusing into my climatic butter rum drift

Sniff Me ......