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2021-02-08 15:32:20 (UTC)

Back from school (again)

Hello again,

I am back from school, and now on the laptop in my room. Have I mentioned yet that I can use the laptop in my room now? I asked if I could one day just so I don't have to keep disturbing them and coming up and down the stairs just to use it, and Mum said 'yes, fine'. Now I use the laptop in my room whenever, as long as I can use it. I go downstairs to get it, and bring it back down before I go to bed at night.

I did English, Maths, Food Tech and ASDAN.
Maths was 'standard forms', so for example, 4 x 10² is 400. (I searched up something that gave me the square sign)
English was about 'relative clauses'. For GCSE, this is more than simple, to a silly extent.
Food Tech was going onto BBC Bitesize and watching two videos and doing a quiz. I got 6/10 on the quiz. Why did I do Year 8 work? Please, don't ask me. The school puts the timetable down. And yes, it clearly said 'Y8' meaning 'Year 8'. If you don't know what Year 8 is, I will just quickly tell you that I was born in 2005, and Year 8 is equivalent to twelve/thirteen years old.
ASDAN - Planning a journey, and using transport. Stupidly easy, but then again, it might not be so easy to someone else. I still don't like doing it, it kind of embarrasses me that I am specially educated. That is true, but I am not saying that special children are stupid. If you have no idea of what I am talking about, ASDAN was originally made for specially educated students.

Now I am going to continue writing my German story, as I have cured my writer's block. My entry ends here.