If I die today
2021-02-08 07:23:03 (UTC)

park benchs and swings

Whats likely to kill me today who knows. Nothing remarkable something still up with my knee a little but thats not deadly. I sure do burp and fart alot..thats sexy ..not deadly. Well I think we can just assume sex is a part of daily life now till well something dramaticly changes but doubful I think I have a keeper. I'm trying to make cornish hens in the crockpot for dinner so there ya have it I'm gonna get food poisioning which is real just from fondeling these things I think I want to cut the first and just cook them in halves I think cutting after when its ready might be embarssing and I want to feed my man some. I offered I want too I preplanned dinner I asked him when I put them down to thatw bc if it was just me then well I'm olny needing one. We will see about all that. oh other news I pooped yesterday no trouble actually getting it all out just a matter of getting there my digestive tract still has me puzzled and its a little concerning I think im in for a f'd up geratric life.. down the road when I double my age I hope but who knows my GI tract couold attack much sooner. Moving on..
yesterday I went for a walk and I was noticing the benches in the park and the swings some have notes on them in memory of .. IDK theres a thought would I want to leave behind a bench or swing bench. Maybe. I would definlty want it to be old fashion none of these bullshit broken down induval divived up seats to stop people from lying down. A guenine old fashion full size on piece swing no bar in the middle no social distancer. I have something to think about now but its not an offical desire althou I wouldnt be apposed. A few things have me all disgruntled and concerned but I cant say anything that needs to be out there right a ways specially since it all incomplete thoughts. So excuse me while I try to slaughter some dead birds bc well I always screw everything up and I dont wanna cook them then get emabrassed cutting.

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