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2021-02-08 07:30:44 (UTC)

31st Birthday

Yesterday was my 31st bday. I cannot believe that i have turned 31 and nothing in life. I have so much to do but am not able to achieve it inspire of working on it.
I was surprised that payal was so thoughtful that she gave me a cake and a bottle of red wine. I was really touched. My sister treated me with dinner, mom also gave bday dinner, jiju gave me a cake which had pic of mine on it. Other few friends thought about me. But... Despite this all I had an empty feeling because I really missed Vaibhav. I wanted him, I missed last year's celebration were we both were alone and that was the last time we met. I missed him terribly. How stupid of me to expect him to wish me 🤣🤣😂😂😅😅 how??? He has forgotten me and he is over me completely.... Uffff... He is so much to get rid of me. He might think that I might go to him back... 😂🤣😹

Also I was on verge to text him to ask him whyyyyy.....?

Yesterday Ash gave me a good news yesterday that she is pregnant. Wow so happy for her. I wish her a healthy and happy life.

Whats next chapter of my life. Thamb sa gaya hai sab. I feel bad when people pity on me. Things are not working out well in any case. It will eventually.