Experienced Life
2021-02-07 10:15:42 (UTC)

Woke up so cold!! 🥶

Well, I thought I'd save on the energy bill and just use my satellite heater I have in my room. Woke up freezing. Heater finally died. Had it for over 5 yrs so it did it's job. I asked Alexa what the temp is (eyes still closed and under my blanket) and it's in the 30s° F. WTH?! How did that happen? I could feel my private coming up my throat trying to keep warm. 🤪 BTW, it apparently doesn't stop me from having my Southern hemisphere morning issue. So I had to calm down a bit before I could go #1.

So normally, the first thing I do is crave coffee. Not make coffee because it's Sunday and the agenda crap can go out the window. So after contemplating a hot cup of coffee and my telekinetic abilities failing to bring a hot cup of coffee over to me in bed, I finally get up and make a pot. While the water is boiling for my french press, I prep my baby back ribs for today's Supper bowl. Nope, not misspelled. It's gonna be baby back ribs this afternoon's supper bowl alright. I got my rub down just right with a combo of a rub that was the best choice when I did some taste testing with my friends and a few other ingredients that I added on for that Wow flavor.

Didn't waste any time and got on Amazon and checked for a room heater with good ratings. This one will be different. A little more fancy-smancy. Unlike my satellite heater, this one pushees air, rotates, and has a remote. So while it should be better, it means more moving parts and more chances of failure but it's only about $70 so as long as it lasts a couple years, that's good enough for me. At least that's longer than my last two relationships. Haha.

Ok, ribs are in the pellet grill. I'm gonna smoke it the 3-2-1 style. Lot's of posts on youtube on how to do this. Here is a short clip on how to do it. One of many.

Agenda for today? Dishes, laundry, clean up a little.....during commercials on TV of course. Yup :) Happy Sunday folks

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