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2029-02-07 15:14:00 (UTC)


[Yung Joc]
I'm in a wife beater, two seater, cruise control
Pull up and your girl might lose control
Not Playaz Circle but a Duffel Bag Boy
Guaranteed they can't get enough of that boy

Saw him from a distance and I watch him make his way to the bar
He walked up to me slowly, whispers then he says I know who you are
I wanna get to know you
I can tell he was a player
But he knows just how to make ya, lose control
Somehow I knew

Shorty is a killa but I really want him
And I gotta have him, tonight
Straight heartbreaker, but it really don't matter
Cause I really want him, tonight

The way he licks his lips, I'm in an infatuated state of mind
He's so hard to resist, I gotta tell you baby boy you so fine
Just gotta have you
I can tell he was a player
But he knows just how to make ya, lose control
If you only knew

[Chorus] (repeat 2x)

It feels so wrong, that it must, it must be right
And I'm so high, don't wanna come down
Just let me fly

[Yung Joc]
Hey, Hey
Let me talk to 'em
My whips push button on car keys man
Pop the top like a sardine can
Wrist stay flooded like New Orleans man
Lebron can't stop how I be ballin man
Yeah I'm pretty sure that you heard the rumors
Got big wood and some big Cahunas
I'm a pretty slick nigga like Rick-a-Ruler
Keep one eye open and my hand on that Ruger
I rock the Claudio, my shades Cazal
I break hearts so heartbreak gon' tell
I treat your chick like a pair of Ones
Wear a ass out one good time in the slam

[Chorus] (repeat 2x)

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