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2021-02-07 11:59:02 (UTC)

It's snowing right now! (plus three days)


Quickly saying, It's snowing right now! I haven't seen snow - that is setting a little - since a couple or a few years ago!

I did English, Maths, and ASDAN. Maths was on MyMaths, and was on indices. It was easy, enough. Once I got the hang of it. Didn't take me long too, but I was still clueless at the start, so I had to do the MyMaths lesson.
English was not even KS3 work; it was on spellings, and how to spell 'tricky' words. I get that some people find it hard, but, my word, i can't be that hard!
ASDAN was practically nothing; preparing a simple meal. Like, really?
I couldn't do science, because when me and Mr. Crane clicked on the link, it took us to a website that required a password no-one knew.
Wayne did some pyrography for free-time (as it was Friday), and I surfed the web, finding nothing. Before home, Wayne and I went outside for a walk around. Well, I did. Wayne was talking to Mr. Crane. Mr. Crane kept calling his pyrography work a toilet door sign, as it was Arsenal Football Club, and Mr. Crane doesn't like that Football team. He jokingly told Wayne to throw it, but Wayne actually did - and broke it. Mr. Crane felt guilty afterwards, and said e would fix it. I personally thought that he did it deliberately and stupidly for no reason. But nevermind, it isn't my problem, exactly.
I was making another piece of pyrography. The first one I made a couple weeks ago has my first name (Bradley) and the PS1 sign on it. I thought I couldn't do it, but Mr. Crane said that I did a better job than him and that he was astonished at my first piece of finished pyrography. The second one I am doing is the 'Delphine Software International' logo. They were a gaming developer company during 1988 and 2004, when they went into bankruptcy and liquidation. They were one of the greatest gaming developers during their time. Their most famous games are Another World (or Out Of This World), Flashback: The Quest For Identity, Fade To Black, and are also famous for their Moto racer Series. I haven't finished it yet; I am no where near actually. But I will get there.

I woke up to my alarm. My parents were still awake, because Mum called out to me and said 'You have no reason to get up'. I only wanted to get up to use the laptop. There was no breakfast, because Mark told me to wait until they got up. When they fell asleep, meaning that they were quiet, I went downstairs and used the laptop. It was about 8:30AM.
When Mark woke up, he asked me to feed the animals, let Daisy in the garden to go toilet, and that my breakfast was in the microwave.
After I did all that, they were up and downstairs. I asked my Mum if I could use the laptop in my room so I didn't have to keep coming up and downstairs to use it. She said 'yes'. I took it upstairs and used it until I brought it back down to use for this morning. Nothing else really happened throughout the day.

This brings me to the current day: Sunday. I woke up at 8:42AM, and went downstairs and had my breakfast, as I made it without asking, in the hope that Mark wouldn't say to wait until they got up. He didn't. I had my breakfast, and went straight to using the laptop. Nothing I did, really. Apart from wondering around the 'National Oak Acadamy' website, looking at all the primary, pre-school, and special section, I did nothing. I have two pieces of homework that I need to do: One is for ICT, and I will do that either in a minute or a little later on today. It will be done today! I swear! Two: I need to do a balanced diet leaflet for Food-Tech V-Cert. She said do it whenever, but I don't think she meant leave it two-and-a-half weeks before doing it. Lucy has done hers, as she asked me if I have done mine yet in an email. She said in the email that she has done hers. I should do that today, later on, as well.

I am now going to do a little bit of gaming on my arcade system for a tiny bit. I will either play 'slime world' on the Sega Megadrive, or 'Flashback: Sega CD'. They are retro games on retro cnsoles from the 1990's, and Dad built me an arcade system allowing me to play games from those retro consoles. It also allows me to play older arcade games, like 'Klax' and 'The Simpsons' and 'Pipe Dream'. The oldest game I have seen on there is around 1979/1980. I don't remember the name of the game, but it is not 'Pac-man'.

My entry ends here.