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2021-01-06 17:34:00 (UTC)

My colleague's mom was hit ..

My colleague's mom was hit by a car recently while crossing on a marked crosswalk. She died. And that was the end. So sudden and unexpected... there was no drawing it out. She was hit and then died later the same day.

Life is capped. It's can be short or long and it's definitely finite.

When I was younger and had barely lived to enjoy the joys of life, life felt a lot more disposable. I remember not feeling joy and didn't understand why life felt so precious to some people. Now that I am older, I want to live a long happy life. I tell all my child-less friends that becoming a parent changed my brain, made me worry more, yet made me felt so much more fulfilled.

I remember signing up for life insurance at 21 because I thought "sure why not? I blow all my money anyways and I'm pretty reckless"
I still have that same life insurance policy, but think about the security that it will provide to my family.