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2021-02-06 17:21:28 (UTC)

Some people's auras 💡

Got to unwind today. Went to my gym session in the morning. AMRAP (As many rounds a possible). This always kills me because it's at your own pace for 12 min intervals. I always overdo it so I'm wiped out after class. I got home and was ready for a siesta but I knew I had a lunch thing with Superstar and her sister. Barely had enough time to get home, shower, and get there in time. We met at a Russian restaurant they suggested. Never went to a Russian restaurant before. There were so many entrees that looked so good. Didn't realize Russian food was so awesome!

Conversation was so much fun. No politics, no drama. Just good fun conversation. Both Sisters want to be nurses. I said "Of course". They are the caring loving type of people that do so yeah, I expected that. I could feel their auras. Their younger brother was there too. Great kid. We got along when we went camping last year. I tell you man, some people are just too awesome. Sometimes when I'm at a party, I can feel peeps hanging around where I'm at because the mood is great where we are. But Superstar and her brother and Sister? I can feel their auras beaming and can't help but feel their shining auras on me feeling me with good vibes. I swear I was sober and not on drugs. Some people just have that kind of an effect on me. So when I say to surround yourself with good people, this is what I mean. The auras were so strong, I had to close the valve on all the power that was filling me up. I know this won't make sense to people but yeah overflowing with goodness that I felt guilty about it.

We talked and laughed about so many fun things never running out of things to say. The younger brother asked me when we'll be camping again. So I told him I'll let them know as summer rolls around and I'll send them invites. After lunch, we were outside in the parking lot. I had Superstar's birthday present with me. She'll be gone on her birthday going to Mexico so we had our little get together today. Gave her the balloon I got from Dollar Tree and told her the story about how the cashier and I helped pick the weight at the end of the ribbon. I also go older Sister a planter box because she likes to buy indoor plants. In that little planter box, I put a bag of M&M peanuts for their younger brother. I did that for them because I didn't want Superstar's bf to get weird ideas thinking I'm hitting on her.

Before we left, they checked out my truck and I told them all the upgrades I've done to it since they last saw it. Superstar wanted to smell the inside cabin to see if it still smells like that new car smell (rolling my eyes). I opened the door and let her smell and she said it still does. So silly. I told her that she is the only friend I know (and I do have a lot of friends) that wants to smell me and my truck. We all laughed. Just being more silly. We both are into good quality colognes and perfumes. So we smell each other not to be perverts but for the scent of a good cologne or perfume. BTW, I got her and her Sister a sampler kit of Women's perfume from Parfum De Marly last Christmas. My favorite Niche perfume company.

I still have a prescription to pick up at the Covid free Safeway pharmacy. Maybe I'll pick up some baby back ribs and smoke it for tomorrow's Super Bowl. Dunno. Today was good. I was feeling some bad vibes lately and my friends auras helped fix it to get me giddy happy again :)

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