If I die today
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2021-02-06 08:08:57 (UTC)

shameful lawful breathing

I dont know where to start. In the physical if I die today well there was a bit of wine last night. No crap. bloating and gas kicking in. annnd. there was sex it was a surpise a shock but he's healed and so well we were making up for lost time I guess and last night was actually the night he wanted to give me when we got the ring. Anyhow if I die today Im pissed I'm starting to get really annoyed with the deliosions of this world and the brainwashed geniuines who wont man up and resist or are just literably blind and the freakin satanic businesses raising up putting common sence to shame . Ok so months back with eMike we went to Startbucks and the automaticly pushed a mask on me and I have my VALID LEGAL medical exception and they forced us outside like white trash promising to deliver our drinks and of course didnt meanwhile everyone in there drinking coffee was unmasked with coffee in there hand There wasnt a dam mask in sight except the employees and my medical not speficaly co incidences with the laws of washington state. Lets mention right now that I cant even get on public transist bc they wont accomadate my breathing. How do u fight this bull shit and what makes my breath more dangerous than anyoneeelse . Last week nDea and I went to another starbuck I just wanted the bathroom I walk in just slammed with the maske thing I shrug and say oh sorry ((sad face)) I cant for medical reasons lasy is fussing behind the counter I just keep walkin toward the bathroom. Then of course just put myself to shame got the hell outta their building. Costa vita last week told me I cant come in their restraunt.. without a mask even thou all thier employees are masked they have to come outside to take my order. Then theres smartfoods which is an older incidednt I'm not allowed to checkout with covering my face.. last I heard it was okay to come in and shop but just no no checking out no serivce at checkout without that dam mask. Guess the germs jump righ on out when they take your money. Then there was Denny yesterday soe seems there was some seating inside bc theyre was unmasked people in there eating at the table and this man literally told me oh you cant come in without a maks.. Again raised the question are my germs not already in here and why is breathing safer at the table their employees were masked. WTF. I'm getting pissed I know some of these business are satanic obviously look at the freaking mermaid and starbucks and their nasty ass coffee wants me to think I'm missing out. I'm taken back how brainwashed people are and fearful. I suspect it has something to do with the cameras everywhere but hell maybe all these people are just concernd citzens. Did I mention it all began this summer with blondie from ISLAND VIEW aske me not to breath in thier store and that she had a heart condion and that bullshit. If your so freakin unsafe workin go the fuck home. I' dont know I have a heart condition too which in part is a valid reason I dont wear a self suffication device. The lies are making me sick and deciet and fear. Common sence people why are we taking freedom away from people who dont wear facial underwear. IT's a freakin sign . Your self suffication device is a sign of sumbision obedience and idiocy. It no more stops germ then your underware stops your fight. The people who have the most reason no to smother themselves are the ones the most desiring to be saved by it. IT makes no sence. Its nonsence. I"m tired of being treated like shit and I almost dont even wanna f'ing try to go anywhere anymore and stick to delivery only and I guess my date time out will be restricted to olny places that accept my desire to live and breath and not olny that my belief in human freedom. I suppose most of what i'm saying in in anger and getting selfish but if I die least I've tried to say it wake up people. Maybe I'll die of a broken heart or lost friends bc I've lost much of my self in this pandmic and i've been isoliated for sure and just kinda wanna give up. I know the day is coming when I'll be criminalised and penalised and shamed more if I'm strong enough to resist whatever is next . I would just like to say to people who have a brain use it. Knowledge is power. My people perish for lack of knowledge. I dont mean to hurt anyone and perhaps Id feel diffrently at a diffrent time in my life specially since my background in healthcare but come on people all were doing is slapping something on our face and then look around take a sharp look most people dont even have thier airhole properly sealed in and covered. We are being abused by authourities and somehow tricked and decieved and I think ulimitly its about depoplating how we from stop spreading germs to die mother f'er I do not excatly know I have pieces of theories . I just know where all being fooled and i'm ashamed of the people who are resisting those who want to just freely breath. The media keeps popping up stories of these anti- m-holes and showing how we are the problem and people are willing to believe everyone breathing is violient just for being being alive were a threat. Think about what smothering yourself does all day? Think about the children who are operatiing in fear chaios and confusion and having to add in air hole covers as an extra part of thier clothing. If I die I would most defintly want someone to fight if not for the living fight for me the places and things i'mve been robbed of even thou I am fully within the current law. Even if I live I just want people to wake up and be bold expose truth. I"m not asking for violience or more chaios or anysorta protest I"m asking that the law comply with accomadotions for people who do not wish to self sufficate for doctors to educate their patients the ones who are most volunerable that wearing a mask all day is hard on your breathing and heart . For people who are afraid on the naked faces choose thier own destiny stand back you stay home or take that chance secure yourself properly dont penalise or criminalise or rob citzens of the right bc your belief if your afraid make yourself safe be resposible but dont believe that my self smothering is somehow adding to your protection. If you wanna be one those now 2maskers go ahead join the advance class of fools congratukations your now wearing enough protection for both of us. I really need to end this rant before it gets to an unproductive point

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