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2021-02-06 10:30:00 (UTC)

Special Cocktail PART 1 (explicit)

I sat smartly down across the room
A beauty with pink hair
You smiled at me and gave me a wink
I looked back at you with a wicked stare

You could tell by my demeanor
My gaze was of course, the key
To what I could be thinking
The way i stared back at you

I had a lean and hungry look
One you have seen before
If a look could ever devour
I would consume your very core

The way I toyed with my hair
Then casually rubbed my breast
My nipples aroused to attention
Was not something made in jest

Slowly around I licked my lips
As if to gauge your response
Unconsciously you rubbed your trousers
Due to the tingle you felt in your pants

You couldn't help but wonder
Was I only just a tease?
Would you be making a blunder
Was it you I wanted to please?

The moment arrived when someone
Had better make the first move
To take this to the next step
And get into the groove

Your dry throat you swallowed slowly
Then got up from your stool
You slowly walked over to that pink haired beauty
Hoping you wouldn't seem the fool

I followed you with my deep blue eyes
As you walked slowly toward my table
You tried to hide your obvious erection
As best as you was able

I glance first upon your trousers
Then upon your face
Then asked if "You would like to sit down first"
Before we go to my place

You took a sudden gasp of breath
At my unexpected and forward introduction
You had a feeling this would soon become intimate
Needing little further instruction

You sat down next to me at my table
I placed my hand upon your knee
Then leaned forward to give you a better view
Of my ample breasts to see

“You didn’t waste much time, my dear”
You said to me and smiled
I replied, "We only live life once"
So, why shouldn't we get a bit wild?“

I could tell you was attracted to me
I could see that in your pants
Let's take this to the next level
If you're willing to take that chance!

Then I slowly moved my hand up
Looking deeply into your eyes
Reaching for my goal
There between your thighs

My heart must have skipped a beat or two
As I let out a gasp of satisfaction
Gripping through your trousers
Upon your aroused erection

"God, I need this!" I excitedly exclaimed
“I hope you don't mind me being truthful?
From what I can feel through your pants
I can see you will be a mouthful! “

I suggested that "perhaps we should"
Find another place to get better acquainted
Because if you don't soon let go my dear
You might find that I will have fainted!”

So I took you by your hand and then
I led you to my abode
It seemed I was rather anxious
To drain you of your load

We entered my apartment
I turned to lock the door
You thought perhaps I was so horny
That we would do it there on my floor

Instead I walked to my liqueur cabinet
I smiled and offered a drink
You asked me "But what will you be having?"
Then I smiled again with a wink

“I think I'll be having a cocktail tonight
Especially prepared by you
Now why don't you take your clothes off
Then we'll see what you can do.”

So I handed you my drink
Then got down on my knees
You stripped down to your birthday suit
Then I asked " Now may I have my cocktail please?"

You smiled at me and nodded
“Please help yourself my dear!
I serve my cocktail fresh from the tap
But it's a heavier beverage than beer! “