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2021-02-05 19:28:36 (UTC)

Finally get to be a social butterfly 😛

Man. Been so busy just working working working. Got a lot done but dang it, not wanting to just work. But I have to admit. It feels pretty dang good when I do well at work. And to be honest, my job is so much fun at times. The clock never is slow at work. It's always zoom zoom zoom then it's 5PM just like that. I don't even recall how the week went by so quickly. It was Monday then poof! Today is Friday already!! It's now time to play.

So Superstar invited me to have lunch with her tomorrow. She's taking me to a Russian restaurant I think or slavic? Heck! Dunno what kind. I did ask her if the food will be moving. That's one stipulation I have for not going to a new place. She laughed and said it won't be so I said ok. I also told her not to dress up in her farmer's shorts for work when we meet tomorrow. She laughed again and said ok. She actually does work part time at this farm. They sell X mas trees during the season but otherwise sell very good tasting fruits and veggies. You can taste the difference between their corn on the cob compared to any other store brand.

It's going to be Superstar's birthday soon and she'll be leaving for Mexico on a student exchange thing but It think it's church related too. Anyway. this will be her birthday/going away party sort of with me. So I got her a gift of course. Went to dollar tree to get a gift bag for the present I got her and decoration tissue. Saw a Happy birthday balloon as I was at the cashier so I asked the cashier to please get me one that's already made. She then asked me what plastic end to weigh down the balloon I should get. Now there is a slight line but she was so good at doing her job. I asked for pink but she said they don't have any pink. Then I said something for a woman and she pulled out a red heart. Nope, we aren't that kind of friends and we both chuckled. Then she saw a more generic one and it was red so I said perfect. Haha. She then said she didn't mean to pry or anything like that. I thought she was sweet. And this is the Dollar Tree so it's not like we're spending big bucks here but she treated me so nice just to help pick out not the balloon but the end of the ribbon plastic piece to tie it too. The only time I recall getting this type of good service was when I was buying suits at the Men's Warehouse. People like this makes me feel so much better after a harsh week at work and my boss being a dumbass. Good to know there are nice people out there and that I was lucky enough to bump into them from time to time.

Well, it's Friday night for me so it's time to have some fun and get into a tiny bit of trouble. Later folks :)

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