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2021-02-06 01:54:20 (UTC)


My friend went to visit me yesterday which is exactly what I need, so if you can pay your friends a visit, it really works!
Well as for my background I've been talking to alot of old, working men. They do know how to make a conversation but at the same time they are so serious about their life, they are so serious about making an achievement that maybe they will be finally something if they achieve it which is true but like I'm just on a different spectrum, i'm more like fuck that, i'm an artist, that'll happen eventually. If you have confidence within yourself, you'll get rid of 80% unneccessary thoughts in your head, like excuses, which my brother always do, you know what he's supposed to do cook for dinner and in my country you just don't fry your food, you make an actual dish which is not that hard to do if you can follow ingredients but it's been month 2 and he haven't made one actual dish, like everytime he has different excuses on why he can't cook for dinner like ouchies my fingers hurties from playing osu, like ok then whyd u do it before ur responsibility, I'm seeing some kinda pattern where he tries to appear smart in talking about doing things but he never actually does it, he needs me to be able to do something. I notice how he is constantly looking at me and then tries to do something better like i'm gonna use chopstick and then I act like I can't do it then split seconds later he took the one where i can't get and then he gets it and eat it for himself. It's just that he needs to seek validation all the time in whatever the fuck he's doing. LOL NO PARENTS GANG. Maybe it's more like he has no direction in his life so he's constantly wanting head pats you know that's what he knows he's doing good. What about me? I wanna fuck up, people have been constantly saying i'm mature, which i'm not, I just don't speak and I guess human's subconscious is when someone don't speak it equates to wise,old man lmaoo, You might think i'm mysterious because I'm more of a shy type but no there's nothing interesting about me. Sorry to disappoint. So yeah when people say i'm mature, I get disappointed because that means they don't know me yet, i'm a 16 years old girl after, I'm dumb. So yeah when my friend went to visit me, I feel like my age for the first time in awhile talking about our plans in the future, discovering our sexuality, and yeah you guessed it boys. She knows alot about love omg, she's like a reincarnation of cupid but she isn't that good with boys or just the guys she attracts isn't really.. they have some kind of superiority complex going around them which she always mistakes for being interesting, (in italic). so IDK if i'll follow her advices lmaoo. She's really adorable when she talks about love, para syang nanghihimay ng isda figuring out what life is. I hope she doesn't fell for pedophiles because she's exactly what a pedophile would love. waaboutme? I'm on detoxmode rn, I figured out I'm a sapiosexual and how can I attract my fellow sapiosexual if i'm not sapio. so gonna gobble up some w i s d o m and k n o w l e d g e and we go back into finding the right one. Well, better words equates to better worlds. IF I EVER DIE PLS PUT THAT IN MY cOFFIN NO THE THING WHERE U PUT UR DATE, I MADE THAT QUOTE AND IM PROUD OF IT PLS PLSPLSPSSPLSP.