If I die today
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2021-02-05 08:02:16 (UTC)

somebody hates me

Okay so anyhow just putting this out there as far fetched as it is that is possible i've been feeling lately like well perhaps I'm under some witchcraft and besided my own bullcrap of open doors it occured to me revently when nDea shared with me how eCarri -- (his NOT love) is reacting about me and calling me names yelling at him that well perhaps she is sending hatred at me and hell maybe she could be a real witch but thats way outta line to say as I dont know her but the battle is real. Word curses are real thou and it sounds to me based on what he's telling me now her reactions seem like somone hates me. Hate is a powerful thing too and we are spiritual beings. And side note on that lately he tells me she is suggesting to him that he have 2 women. but lets not get into that just pointing out maybe spiritually I am under some sorta attack by human force. Take it or leave my life goes on weather someone hates me or not but if weird things start getting weirder maybe something I need to look into and resist