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2021-02-05 09:05:01 (UTC)

Ah shit, I’m growing emotionally 🤣

I’m trying to wrap my head around...
“We’ll see how this weekend goes. I may just have a girlfriend, you get a warm place, I get a home cooked meal, and we just see each other every weekend “.....
I’m not sure why that hits oddly. Just kinda sat wrong as soon as it came across my ears.

Well, we did end up talking about it. I got quiet and he asked and oddly, I said it. Something I never would have done a month ago.
I am growing oddly enough. So I’m impressed with myself. Kinda proves Indio was not the right person to have in my life.

But, anyway, I’m not really in the mood to sit here and let that moron take up space in my mind.

My damn iPad is starting to piss me off.
I keep getting this damn message “iPad storage is full plus upgrade your iTunes cloud storage” but, in order to get my extra storage space I had, I have to pay the monthly fee, and that’s just not ganna happen right now. It pops up in the middle of my typing, just pissing me off 🤣😂 I’m going to miss my $100 credit card payment this month. Will be shitty, but just can’t manage it. I got the electric paid, and the monthly rent, and paid my minimum on 3 of the shopping places I owe, just can’t manage the 100$ one left. Nothing but a thing. I will figure it out, or call them, or just take the hit. It is what it is. I am, kickin my ass for doing what I did at Christmas for some douchbag who made out like a fat rat.

And again, said I wouldn’t talk about the idiot, and “sings brittney spears ooops I did it again” 🤣😂

The sun is out. Sadly, it won’t do a damn thing. It’s going to be too damn cold. If I go for the weekend, hope I don’t come back to a wreck, busted pipes, caved in roof, etc.
will make sure the bedrooms are shut, water gets left slightly running, heat set at 60, a few bottles of water and food for my four legged sons.

I will make sure my car is packed accordingly in case I’m stranded. Always prepare. Make sure I have my tow chain, that’s too heavy for me to lift. That chain is one hella heavy duty chain. The farmers used it on the big tractors out here. I found it last summer and grabbed it from the road. Took me and my two kids to pick it up. Was an excellent find for winter. Not like I know how to pull anyone out, specially since I can’t switch the gears because I don’t have the strength. Sucks. But, it is what it is.

Going to grab more coffee, and switch laundry over and go from there.
Tired as all hell....but, can’t sleep.

I close my eyes, and my bad movies start playing in my mind. I shouldn’t complain, it’s a free matinee 😂🤣