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2021-02-05 07:16:11 (UTC)

6:16 am

Didn’t sleep well last night.
Finally drifted off around 3am or so.
And of course, up an hour 1/2 later.
I honestly can’t stand my head.
Soooo many things run through it non stop.
I ended up doing laundry.
I went and packed my bag, in case, we go out for the weekend.
Went and downloaded a “free chat room” so I was told it was.
Ended up not being a chat room, like ICQ or something, but was a “paid date site”.
So, of course, my head starts spinning, like it always does.
*deep sigh*
I ended up deleting it because I’m not going to pay 10$ a month, and that’s the cheapest of the three prices.
So, as ya know, my head has called me a fool this morning.

Not sure what I was thinking.
I must have something written on my face or in my eyes.


School has a 2 hour delay today.
I’m going to continue to do what I need to today.
I have an appointment at 2pm.
Don’t want to, but have to.

Wish it wasn’t going to be 20 plus below zero this weekend. I’m seriously in need of a bleaching and a haircut.

It was suggested we chill at grasshoppers this weekend. And if we don’t roll that way, he offered to roll this way. I’m not ready for him here, just has not been long enough. I’m almost certain he would not physically harm either of us, but, I don’t have things in an order I would like, and that stress would not be good right now.
I’m sure if we didn’t make it there this weekend, there would be issues. Next weekend looks hella easier just because of roads, temperatures, etc.....but understand too, I was wanting my son to meet him because grasshopper wanted me to go see some chica he um, wants to see. Can’t remember the name for the life of me. There’s been soo many “beautiful women” or “ex’s still friends” names I just can’t remember them, but I have a shitty memory as it is 🤣. I oddly reached a time in my life, I’m content not being a social butterfly. I lived the first 1/2 of my life that way. I’m more of the chill at home chica. Sleep, movies, housework, walking, etc. I really don’t need to chat with people everyday. I normally don’t chat. Just how aged I am I guess.

Kinda ventured into a circle rant there. Sorry.

So, not sure which way my day or weekend will roll at this point in time.

I do know, I’m going to go make coffee. I’m going to pop into my three online games and pop my bubbles, which takes 8 minutes each game roughly, log out as I do, everyday for the past 7 months or so, possibly grab a shower, get a loud of laundry going, then finish getting the gift bag together for next weekend, (yep, I do what I do. You’d think I would have learned after Indio.😂) then get the boy up for school and do some housework. Probably charge the old iPod and jam a bit.

Phone call, so, tata for now.