This Is It - 2021
2021-02-04 00:00:00 (UTC)

Time! What is it Good For?


So much to do and so little time to do it...

I continued in my room cleaning today. I'm still not done, but it usually is a several day journey when I'm in a reorganizing Mood. Have some other cleaning I have to do around the house that I planned to do, but Sister's soccer came up before I could start, and then we got home late into the night. It's weird. I think it's the time things are scheduled, in relation to my sleep schedule. I don't think I've been waking up absurdly late - before noon at least - but when you first blink awake at 11 and have to do stuff by 2:30, that doesn't exactly leave a ton of time do Everything that needs to be done. It seems a bit overwhelming, but at least I've been doing Something each day. Even a little bit is better than nothing.

To be honest, I am extremely tired writing this, and I have been forgetting what I write the moment I'm done. I accidentally took an unexpected late-night nap, and I'm writing this entry in the short period before I crash back into the dream world. In my nap dream, J helped me lie to a teacher so I didn't get in serious trouble for only having sweatpants instead of jeans (which then became having a white chocolate chunk cookie?) and it was rather sad - I love sweatpants.

Sweatpants criminal, apparently