La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-02-04 15:06:40 (UTC)

Today I Can and I will

Today I feel a little more energized, may be because I've been sleeping a lot better and feel a lot more rested than days before. I've been trying to get back in to my rutine but realy with this pandemic situation every day is a very different situation from the day before and is hard to have any expectations, I do what I can whit what I have. And I have to say been having some very good things hapend to me lately. Not only with my writting and my book sales, as much as I wanted to have the published print on my hands for some strange reason my mother forgot my box at home. So I just figure is not the right time for me to have them with me. how ever I am thinking of participating on another 1 habbit chapter but on a difrent topic. will see what that is when the time comes, mean while have to take care of all the small stuff, before the big. So for now I will continue to hang in here a little longer. Can't wait to go back home and see my son and family. Today is a good day!! TTFN