taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-02-04 13:41:15 (UTC)

Finally got around to emailing ..

Finally got around to emailing my therapist back about booking individual sessions. The plan was to do a deep dive into early life trauma, but I am not feeling that idea anymore. It would just end up a fishing expedition, digging into shit, stirring up shit and ultimately not being helpful to any meaningful degree. Winging it half cocked with the bits and pieces of information I can recall on the spot, the swgfrdfgdsdd

So yeah, I told her I've been writing more as a means to process emotions. Which is more or less true. Though the "processing emotions" part is a bit hyperbolic. More like vomiting emotions and movie quotes randomly around this diary and rolling around in it. But definitely MORE of it. Neglectedd to mention the almost kinda romance that sort of inverted my heart 180 degrees. But,

So I basically was like 'take your therapy and cram it, lady!'. I've, I'm got this under control *careening into the abyss*

The sober dawn of Thursday has me second guessing this approach.

Just keep writing I guess.