2021-02-04 10:18:02 (UTC)


I really don't know what to believe anymore, like are we under a mind control or is just them tryna be a smartass to be deemed as special
but like the other one tries to provide proofs and the other one taunts or try to dismiss them by using labels. Do you guys still believe in the virus?
I'm more concerned on what quarantine will do us, like lack of human interaction, we're basically living in a whole new world, the world of simulation after simulation where dopamine is quiet easy to get. I started jerking off every single day, which is an acquired habit of this quarantine and I think we shouldn't normalize it. We shouldn't just be yeah yeah it's the quarantine it's understandable, We should do it as a reward more than an energetic candy to do something. This is year one, IDK what can happen in year two but the desire for 10804k resolution humans and places is swarming inside my body like we've been doing this for years and now we are deprived of it, well good thing is we're on our own pace but the bad thing is, connection with our reality is hard to find like we're gonna live inside our heads with our own sense of reality but at the same time that means our reality wont be altered within submission but at the same time where are we getting our reality from? the media, which is corrupted by money andd therefore hard to believe, you need to work extra effort for reality now but who cares we only care about ourselves anyways and how much we wanna be happy.

I dream of something like we are a bunch of atheist now, so they looking for other things to control us which is y'know. but I think it's too broad and unconnected.....