Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-02-04 08:57:19 (UTC)

Good morning!

Hello, and good morning.

Yesterday, I did English, Maths, R.E. and History.
Maths was on a website called 'MyMaths', and was on the topic of Higher Indices.
English was on complex sentences. It was pretty easy.
R.E. was about the Foremothers of the Jewish Religion.
History was about Mike Mountain Horse.

I didn't have breakfast yesterday. I asked Mr. Crane if I could have something in school. He said that we would do a breakfast then. But Mrs. Bezant gave us a yum-yum each, and Wayne gave me his, as he didn't like it. So Mr. Crane said to wait until lunch, and I will have a big lunch. Oh, by the way, we didn't do the breakfast straight away, as Mr. Crane needed to do a couple Zoom meetings.

I am currently on a Zoom meeting, so I will write a little bit more afterwards.