Being Sam
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2021-02-04 04:09:19 (UTC)

Slow cooker to the rescue

Dean lost his battle with the company who sold us the oven so they're coming to collect it tomorrow (we'll, its 4am so I guess it's today!) There still aren't anymore in stock and I still have no Internet but I'm trying my best not to be miserable and complain about it. There are worse things going on in the world eh.

Somehow Dean and I forgot about our slow cooker and when we remembered it last night I went out and got beef stew supplies! Honestly can't wait for tomorrow now to have proper hot and filling food rather than fricking micromeals or take away! I'm even gonna make dumplings. I can smell it now from upstairs lol THIS is my life now. Stew and dumplings and and oven chat.

Its my birthday this month. 30 whole years of me!