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2021-02-03 19:29:25 (UTC)

My boss needs some management skills 😤

My boss is so stupid "How stupid is he?!" hehe. He pulls a guy 1/2 way into a project. He is already knee deep in it. This Engineer even said in today's mtg that he doesn't have anything on his plate. So why did boss give it to me? Not even the stuff I do so I don't even know what to do.!!! Mother offer sob dumb effe. He also got me involved in another project that goes to other people normally but he instead invites me to this mtg. Double dumb emmer-effer. Haha. Well, good thing my other baskets of life are doing good so this crap goes away for me at 5PM.

Gym as usual is fun and I enjoyed it immensely. It was heavy on the weights today so I went heavy to release my work stress. It worked wonderfully so it's all good. There are two guys there and a lady and they all are quiet humble and nice. The 5:30 crew? Pretty loud party peeps. After the gym, I went to Covid free Safeways to pick up my prescription and some groceries for me. I'd like to say trying to be a good boy and eat right but I also got a bottle of cranberry juice to blend with my vodka tonight. Gonna need some of that tonight.

But as if my friend sensed it, Superstar called and chatted with me. I feel all better now. I forget what in life really counts sometimes. I still get paid no matter what and I can't fix stupid. In this case, my boss.

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