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2022-11-07 21:42:00 (UTC)

Watermelon whalin:

Aired: June 23, 2022
Instructions: The players are at a beach, with the solo player holding a hammer and the rivals holding one watermelon each. The objective of the solo player is to whack the watermelons the rivals are holding. If the solo player manages to whack all of the watermelons, they win. If at least one rival holds their watermelon for the entire 30 seconds, the rivals win.

Rivals that lose their watermelons can still move to try and block the solo player from knocking out any other rival with a watermelon.

Participants: (1vs3):
1 Hammer:
Jesus Perez
3 Watermelons:
Marga Redona
Fernanda Rubi
Bianca Munoz
Losers/Loser of the day:
1 Hammer

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