from my heart
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2021-02-03 16:28:21 (UTC)


4:28 pm

maybe if i could feel the way you felt i would understand. maybe if you could feel the way i felt, you wouldnt have done that.

i feel a sense of peace and clarity knowing that its probably nearly impossible for either of all of us to truly understand each other. we just werent meant to be. i was blinded but now i see and understand why everything came to be the way it is right now.

i wanted to be happy to prove something. that i could move on as easily as you did. i felt the need to prove to you that i was lovable and others can love me too. that was the first act of self hate. it was me trying to seek validation from you. i realize that loving myself is when i no longer need to prove to you or anyone that i am lovable

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