Experienced Life
2021-02-03 13:48:44 (UTC)

Concepts on missing your narcissistic ex 🤔

There was a time I used to listen to some great speakers, counselors, etc, etc. I guess I'm all done with listening to them now but periodically check in on one or two that I really thought were good behavioral specialist or psychologist. The concept was if you're missing your narcissist ex, think of them like money. Imagine finding a big bag of money. Then you plan on nice things with that money like getting an education, buying a home, car, going on vacations in some tropical island (I suggest Hawaii) and stuff like that. Then later, you find out that the stash of money was counterfeit and all your dreams with the money went down the drain. Will you at that point research counterfeit money and how it's made? Or are you going to accept that it was counterfeit money and move on with new goals without that counterfeit money? Kind of funny how that guy said it. I'm sure I trashed it in the translation but I think you peeps get the general idea. I take no credit on this if this helps. Just passing on what I heard.