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2021-02-03 14:41:29 (UTC)

Reflecting Nightmare

Furrowed brow beneath receding hair.
What worries are recorded there?
Wayward eyebrows overlay
Eyes, once blue, now dull and grey.
Once they sparkled, full of dreams
Of life ahead; but now it seems
The life I dreamt of long ago,
Strayed from that dream scenario.
Nose broken way back when;
Reset then broken once again.
Swollen, multi-coloured hues
Reflect a life too fond of booze.
Uneven teeth complete the scene;
Permanently stained with nicotine.
I study my reflection with a frown.
Today I think I’ll take the mirror down.

Going to try to sleep again
Pray for the nightmares to end

Till later....
Close my eyes one more time....