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2021-02-03 11:12:24 (UTC)

Weaver of Life

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the journey I would weave on my
tapestry of life.

Every day I've lived, I see so clearly now, laid out before in so many
threads of brilliant shades that take my breath away.

Where now in deep reflection I gaze upon the beauty of it all...here...where
I stand, near the end of the road.

Before me...every footprint I have made...there upon a long and winding
road where wild roses grow, stained with drops of blood that drip on the
thorns below.

Every day...a NEW BEGINNING as another dawn breaks spilling magenta
ink into a black velvet sky until the sun rises in a golden globe casting
light on this weaver, weaving the best days of her life.

Grey...in so many shades...all the dawns that got lost in the fog and storms
of life.

I gaze on these through bitter-sweet tears...a mixture of sadness and pride
having learned the hard way...the lessons of life.

No threads of regret woven in this tapestry...for every step was woven to
lead me where I am today,

Near the end of the road,

I the weaver of my life.

Never in my wildest dream could I have imaged the journey I would weave.

Glorious, Oh! So glorious all the wonders that I see,

Standing here today as the dawn breaks upon another new beginning.