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2021-02-03 09:43:15 (UTC)

There is Love

With a smile that lights the heart
There is love – kindness
With a gift sent on a joyful thought
There is love – brilliant miracles
With a sense of pure faith in God
There is love – inspirational love

There is love – in the act of giving
There is love – in the joy of living
There is love – in a sense of forgiveness

Love lights up the heart who is darkened
By dread, fear and disillusionment
Love opens the door for intimacy and gladness
To one who is hurt by some grief or wound
Love enlightens the souls who is left bitter
By anger, loss or resentment – regret

There is love – in a sincere thought of charity
There is love – in the bountiful treasure of happiness
There is love – in expressions of lasting value

With dreams built on hope and faith
Dreams from the heart – filled with grace
There is a love that brings inspiration
With visions growing out of gentle whispers of peace
Visions rising from the mist in the waters
With love that feeds the flowers and birds

There is love – in the silence of starlight
There is love – in the brilliant rays of sunshine
There is love – in the colors of the rainbow

Love speaks in breaths of exhilaration – bliss
Found in the gentle music, the rhythm of a kiss
Love works out the details of a relationship
Creating poetry from the flow of crimson wishes
Love enlightens the soul of all who know its heart
Where it goes and what is does is a rare masterpiece

There is love – in the sparkle that shines in the eyes
There is love – in the gentleness of a tender touch
There is love – in the idea that frees the soul to live

Love arouses the heart to believe – in love
The spirit and soul to achieve – with love
The one who loves is at peace – through love