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2021-02-03 09:41:57 (UTC)

Biotch Mode

The initial heartbreak is gone...

And underneath that is anger;

Anger at you for leaving
Anger at myself for crying because you left
Anger at fate for giving me you
Anger at my heart for being so easily fooled

Under that anger is empty bitterness.

Bitterness because I let you get so close to me
Bitterness because I let you break my heart repeatedly

and bitterness because after all of that;

I still believed you loved me.

If I won the lottery.......

Let’s see who all I can tend to......

1. Pay limp 10 grand for whatever he feels I owe him for
2. Pay Indio 5 grand for whatever he feels I owe him for
3. Pay 20 grand for 1/2 of Dumb Drunks warrants

Then possibly minus the great hot sex a handful of time 😂 F^ckers

I can’t think of any other ex’s to stay in touch with 😂🤣 rest are long past conversations with. Tho, I wooooonnder......
How many I could find to re chat with.....

I’m in a biotch mode.