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2021-02-03 05:21:24 (UTC)

It’s Hump Day

Good morning 😃
Wednesday February 3, 2021 (I think)

Did take my medications last night, after struggling with muscle spasms in both sides of my lower back, my right foot, and my sides. Had to. It started in one area and within 20 minutes or so the spasms spread quickly.
That’s a normal, every day thing I go through. The difference was the intensity. Was worse because I haven’t been taking my night medications and not sleeping.

So I slept about 3 1/2 hours.
I am, getting tired again and I’ve been up 2 hours now.
That too, is pretty typical. I’m normally napping every 3 to 4 hours. I get an hour to 2 hour naps in. Been this way two years now.

I’m currently warming up a portion of a rotisserie chicken for food to munch on. My coffee is brewing. Weird, I get it. But, I’m struggling today with burning pain in my ankles. I don’t feel like standing at the stove right now.

Grasshopper is grabbing a nap.
I often feel like I say too much, say the wrong things, etc. Hard getting past that idea that festers in my head.

I am, impressed, that, I was able to discuss an issue without having to type it out first. Was a rough start, but grasshopper said the right things to help me spit it out. That’s a serious improvement for me. Something I could not have done a month ago. I also did not have the right person in my life to help either.

Grasshopper reminds me of a few people, all rolled into one, plus, he’s himself. Hope that doesn’t seem wrong.

Well, I ate more this morning for an early breakfast than I have all week. I will pay for it later.

Got muscle spasms in my left calf this morning.

I often sit and wonder what goes through people’s minds when they know parts of my life story. I can’t stand the silence. Makes me nervous.
I question if I should stop talking about it, but think that might be worse on myself.

*deep sigh*

I’m going to close here because my heads slipping into a dark spiral.