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2021-02-03 09:47:49 (UTC)

pls help me

One month later, he's still talking to me, he says he's really inlove but I think i'm just a white light for him, like because I don't speak that much, he mistaken me for peace, like finally something is going his way, my initial idea of him is completely different from what I had imagined, he's actually the sweetest, nicest person you'll ever meet and he doesn't even try to be one, he's not a hypocrite, i've seen people say that so that they are nice so that they can be nice but he does it because he cares not to be praised but...i'm not inlove with him, I don't see myself in him mainly because i'm not sweet and i'm not nice and he deserves someone sweet and nice. He's yearning for unconditional love which is not so hard to give to him since he's not that weird, it's his place that's weird, I bet if the quarantine has ended he'll know this too, so some part of me is just thinking maybe I should live him? but some part of me maybe i'll stay and let him realize it for himself. I need help, anyone??????