La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-02-02 19:59:47 (UTC)

Some expiriences are ment to be remembered

Ok so we took my mom and aunt to Acapulco for the weekend and man was it fun... from the moment we got there to the moment we left, we had no dull moments. imagine a perfect day at the beach with the people that mater the most to you, good thing I had some one to watch over my doughter cuz we where on a roll. The place was a little piece of paradise on earth, white sand and cool breeze, the sound of the seagulls far down. A cold drink in my hand and the people that I love all in the same place, the view from our room was like those in a magazine and I soke it all in. That night we went for a walk on the bulevard and it was so hot I had to pour my cold water on my head just to cool off a little, we ate some tacos at a famous place there and had some drinks, walked back to our hotel and listened to live music while dancing here and there to the cumbias the musitians kept sending their regards to our table because we where very loud and then made the mood just a little more fun for everyone else there. We then went on to the side of the ocean to keep on visiting and where a little drunk by then so you can imagine how hard we where aunt kept talking about going out to sea to fish and all I could think a bout is tha's just crazy. You can tell she realy ment it. I felt bad for the fallowing day and the bad hangover she had.
a couple of days after I took them to a place where you can find Mexico's largest flag in the intire country. It truly was an amazing sight. They went shoping for a few local things, suveniers and such. But never would I haved imagine the fallowing day both of them getting tatoos, yes they tatooed themselves the man who did it ofered us mezcal is a traditional mexican strong drink that if your not careful enough might have a stonger efect than tequila. So yes but if you have the toungue for it's taste is a delight.
We also took them to a beautiful spring near town I love going there because of the cold water it numbs your body just enough for you to forget how cold the water realy is. And you forget about everything else it was perfect.