La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-02-02 19:30:00 (UTC)

Unexpected visit.

Wow I have no words to describe how the last 15 days have had an amazing impact in my life. My mom and my aunt came to visit for a few days and not only did I laugh non stop and cried a few times but enjoyed every minute of their visit. And it was such perfect timing to. We talked about so many things and I just feel so renewed.
I also been studing my bussiness on essencial oils a little more. Got to give my mom and aunt a fast relive massage to them both. They where very tired from their trip and the oils helped them a lot .
On another note my son is doing well, he looks so grown up already and it has only been 3 months since he left.
But for now that is all I have. Have a nice day!