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2021-02-02 13:39:26 (UTC)

💃 Our Dance 💃

A melodious tune imbues the room,
Seducing my love and I to bloom:
My arms around his neck embrace,
And his enclasped about my waist.

Cheek to cheek we press and caress;
Step and slide, while holding our breaths.
Over each other’s shoulder, we glance,
Attached and relaxed in love and romance.

Fervently, our hearts throb and frash,
Delightfully smitten unabashed.
Melded together in harmonious sway,
By candlelight beam we dance away.

Intoxicating smells and warm the touch,
Gentle the song we cherish so much.
And silently pray the moment to last,
In three-four meter as time swirls past.