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2021-02-02 13:34:00 (UTC)

Guten Morgen!

Hallo, und Guten Morgen! Wie geht es dir? Ich gut.

Nothing much has happened today. Dad phoned. Mum is getting up, but Mark is still asleep. Nothing really goes on under this house. But I still put the patience to make an entry on simply nothing. I am fine with it, though. Time will pass, and before I know it I will be looking back on this.

I had two Zoom meeting today. The normal one (which was registration at 9:00AM). I named myself The Futurologist before going on, and that was the first thing the teachers saw. Mrs. Green asked me what a futurologist was. A futurologist (or futurist) is someone who studies the future, usually at an institute (if I am not mistaken with my definition).

10 minutes before half-past-ten, Mr. Brandle sent me an email, stating to join his Zoom meeting at 10:30. I joined on, and found out how to change my background on there! I changed it to a futuristic city picture I found on Microsoft Bing. That was when I went a bit crazy (Edward said during it: 'There's Bradley just being Bradley'). Miss Bewers liked my background.
I have to make help a fictional person called 'Jordan' find out about the first Audi car. I have to 'screen dump' screenshots of what I searched up, and make a document stating the date and a photo of the car.

Apart from that, nothing really has happened. Well, I say that... Yesterday Mum opened my parcel of Mints. I found out when I got home. I was angry at that, because you shouldn't open other people's parcels. I know I eat food that isn't mine, but, for God sake, that is just food. Parcels are more serious, and private. Mum excused herself that she didn't know as she didn't read the label. I don't believe her, and I know she opened it at her will. Disrespectful!
Also, I asked Mum if I could have a pack of Mints this morning, and she said 'yes', so I went into the cupboard to get a pack... And it turns out Mark has moved and hidden them from me. For f### sake! They are MY sweets! Why hide MY sweets from myself! Stupid! It is so I don't eat all of them at once. F### that, they are mine. And for goodness sake, they're sweets.

Sorry for raging on. I didn't mean to.

My entry ends here.