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2021-02-02 12:29:32 (UTC)

Day 1 Of No Masturbation

NAME: Christian
AGE: 15
DOB: 07/04/2005
"He, Him"


TITLE: Ramblings of a mad man..

Day 1
Of not whacking my meat. This shit boring Its not like I even really gotta beat my shit right now this gonna be easy. I thought I might journal how life goes and shit while I try to resist the urge to beat my dick. I really don't know why I wanna do this I think it's because I'm just bored in Quarantine. But at the same time, I feel like I lowkey do beat my dick way too much like that shit cannot be healthy. Like bro...4 times in a morning!? ain't even got out of bed!? Bro Like I will deadass wake up right out of my sleep and the first thing on my mind will be "Beat my dick" like damn can I brush my teeth first? Idk man I think it would be good to take a break. I was wondering if having a wet dream would count as beating my dong but I decided it cant possibly be because when you wetdream its not really the same as masturbating because nobody can be sleep and beat they own dick. like you got muscle memory that strong that beating your dick is so easy that you could do it in your sleep??? Like I know you've heard of "That's so easy, I could do it in my sleep" but like people dont be talking about beating they dick with that...they be talking about like doing basketball crossovers or 20 pushups saying they can do shit like that in their sleep not beat they dick.. bro if you can do that shit even in your SLEEP you SERIOUSLY NEED HELP like I know my situaion is bad but god DAMN you need some help.. these are really just the ramblings of a mad man super high on gas. yeah I smoke everyday 420 you feel me
anyway im gonna go eat my salad and do some more excersing because unlike you im not a sad fuck who sits around in qurantine and reads diaries and shit. Im actually staying healthy unlike you loser. hope you enjoyed reading this lol

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