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2021-02-02 00:03:15 (UTC)

My Dang Truck!!!! 😤

My truck. I tell you, it has a life of it's own. Driving to the gym, I was coming to a stop light and had 4 cars in front of me. There was another lane to my right and I can see from my rearview mirror that it was another Tacoma. The color is called Sand I think. A light brown color. It was about 50 ft behind and one lane over. No cars in front of him/her. However, the truck stopped right next to mine. the lady stuck her head out and I could read her lips a little bit saying I like your truck. I just smiled and gave her a thumbs up and worded thank you :). Light turned green and we were on our separate ways. I laugh because I think my truck will get laid before I do. Haha.... Fricking truck!!

The gym was fun as usual. Went to the 4:30 session today. Different group of people but I knew enough regulars there so it was ok. I sort of prefer this group compared to the 5:30PM one. My regulars at the 5:30 are kinda rowdy. We actually are back to doing laps around the bldg again. We can't run around our bldg but the building next to ours was perfect.

I bought a bucket of chicken after gym class. Usually, there is a homeless dude or two outside the supermarket. Or, on the way home, there are other homeless peeps. But tonight? None, nada, zilch! Really? So I wasn't able to feed any homeless tonight. I wasn't going to drive around the neighborhood that much so I just went home. I already have food for the week and now I got all this chicken too. Ugh... I should plan my stuff a little better next time. Next time, I won't buy anything until I see a homeless dude outside the market or at the nearby corner.

So overall, it was a decent Monday. Drama free and just the way I like it :)